Published Stories – S.E. Casey

Short Stories available at Amazon, Smashwords, and most other ebook sellers.  *Click the titles for links* to their locations.

Self Published Short Stories:

Award Winning Stories Available Online:

  • The Scaredy Men (Tenth place in the Molotov Cocktail Lit Zine’s 2018 #FlashMonster)
  • Animal Control (Third place in the Molotov Cocktail Lit Zine’s 2018 #KillerFlash contest)
  • Black Stained Glass (Second place in the Molotov Cocktail Lit Zine’s 2016 #FlashFear contest)
  • Downward God (winner of the Deadman’s Tome 2016 October Month of Horror Contest)
  • The Toy Gun Factory ( 2017 Christmas Horror contest, placing as the Seventh Day of Christmas)
  • Courtship of the Sewer King (a Red Girls mythos story, honorable mention in the’s monthly 300 word contest)

Stories Published in Magazines/Anthologies:

Free Stories Published Online:


  • Needles (Drabble published by Trembling with Fear –
  • Vinegar Chips (Drabble published by
  • The Red Girls (free, 100 word story published by The Drabble)


  • Carousel (poem published in Shotgun Horror Clips October 2016 by Deadlights Magazine)
  • My Lady, Malady (poem originally published in the anthology HWA Poetry Showcase Vol II)


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