The Long Way Home – Short Story Published in Weirdbook #37

The latest quarterly issue of Weirdbook (#37) has been recently released and includes my story THE LONG WAY HOME.  Thanks to Douglas Draa, editor of Weirdbook, and the staff. I am happy and honored to have one of my weird, horror stories chosen to be included. As the name would suggest, Weirdbook is a publication that presents stories of sci fi, fantasy, and horror in the ‘Weird Tales’ tradition.

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THE LONG WAY HOME is a Halloween inspired tale written in October 2016 specifically imagining the holiday’s utter absurdity.  While the season has passed this year, my story is also about cold, remote places. Who chooses to live in such frigid and inclement places even though they have the means to move, and why? Given this week’s cold that has gripped much of the US, including my home in New England, it is certainly a relevant story. Hopefully, it will warm the reader, as the ending caught me off guard. Although I had a decidedly chilly destination in mind, the story took an unexpected warm left hand turn. I ended up keeping my impetuous choice, some stories just need to be.



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S.E. Casey

S.E. Casey grew up near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his weird, existential tales. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his stories can be found at

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