Story Acceptance: Mad Scientist Journal: Utter Fabrication (Summer 2017)

UF_originalI am happy to announce one of my short stories, “Memories of Farrowlee Beach” has been accepted into the upcoming Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures anthology from Mad Scientist Journal due out late summer 2017.

Mad Scientist Journal is a quarterly themed e-zine and online magazine specializing in speculative fiction. As the title of this particular issue would suggest, the Utter Fabrication issue will feature stories about haunted and weird places, all written from the first person perspective.  The submission call encouraged tales that are different and not the typical haunted tropes.

I first conceived my story a year ago while sitting in the church for my Grandmother’s funeral.  I suppose it is a tribute to her as the story does center around a strong grandmotherly figure, and takes place in a very cold New England day in early winter, as was the case with the funeral.  It qualifies as quiet horror, the protagonist a very different, morbid sort.  I am very excited that this story got picked up by Mad Scientist Journal as they have raised over 5K from some 175 backers in donations in their kickstarter for this particular project, and from their other quarterly anthologies available on Amazon, looks to be a quality publication done by some passionate editors (Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman).

Thank you Dawn and Jeremy!  Looking forward to this being published late summer 2017!  I will release more information one it is known.



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S.E. Casey

S.E. Casey grew up near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his weird, existential tales. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his stories can be found at

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