Review of Stygian Doorways

Click the book cover for a review of my short story collection Stygian Doorways from the blog of S.J. Budd.  Anyone interested in my dark, metaphorical horror my book is available on Amazon Unlimited (Free for Unlimited users, only 0.99 cents for everyone else).

SD final 2
         Click  for  review  by  S.J.  Budd

Also check out S.J. Budd’s website other helpful book reviews as well as her own horror collection Spells and Persuasions (kindle).


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S.E. Casey

S.E. Casey grew up near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his weird, existential tales. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his stories can be found at