Sugarplums and Other Carrion

My latest story, ‘Sugarplums and Other Carrion’, has been published as a part of the Christmas themed anthology ‘The Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas‘ (click for link).  As the title suggests this is a holiday themed story although it does not include Krampus.  Instead I wrote about a dark Christmas between-the-cracks, a secret celebration under rat-tail mistletoe while drunk on sour mother’s milk nog.

Thanks to the Deadman’s Tome for publishing my admittedly disturbing piece.  For any aspiring authors, the Deadman’s Tome is easily the most fun you can have in submitting, that necessary evil of being a writer.  Although it is a one-man operation, there is clear communication and decisions are made quickly, not dragged out over months.  Many new authors have been published here and there are no constraints on content.

For this particular anthology, it’s purposely focused with five well-defined, different short stories and one epic poem.  The other authors are Grant Butler, Mark Slade, Christopher Powers, and William Marchese.  Please check out and consider supporting some independent authors and an independent press.  Also, check out the Deadman’s Tome website/blog for other Christmas horror stories, no taboo too great, to be posted just about every other day throughout the month.

Oh, and then there’s Gary Buller’s ‘The Present’, the first story in ‘…Krampus Christmas’, a harrowing tale about that small Christmas gathering you’d rather not have about a gift that you’d rather not get.  Check out some of Gary’s other short story offerings (such as ‘The Way Out’) on the Deadman’s Tome as well, some of the most popular tales to be posted on the site.






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S.E. Casey

S.E. Casey grew up near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his weird, existential tales. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his stories can be found at