Black Stained Glass – 2nd place #FlashFear Contest the Molotov Cocktail Lit Zine

My horror short story, BLACK STAINED GLASS, has placed second in the Molotov Cocktail Literary Zine’s Halloween “Flash Fear” contest.  I didn’t originally plan on submitting, but eventually decided that it would be a fun way to push myself as a writer and to focus my work in a structured contest.  Thankfully, I took that chance as my story placed and has now been posted online here.

Writing for a little more than two years, this is probably my biggest success so far.  I tried another flash fiction contest (also from the Molotov Cocktail) last winter and didn’t break into the honorable mention category.  However, I dutifully read the other stories of the Top Ten to see what the judges may have been looking for that my story lacked.  Of course, judging disparate stories is a capricious science, however, needless to say, my expectations were far surpassed with the result this time through.  Although I am far from where I want to be as a writer, I understand it’s a process and feel I have made strides in my prose as well as in choosing and organizing my ideas.  If writing proficiency were a ladder, I have many more rungs to climb, but at least now I can see a few beneath me.

Thanks, to my friend Vicky, who helped me with the setting and specifically the Cape Verdean Creole sprinkled into the story (I often overhear her talking on the phone to her mother and sisters in her native tongue).  Congratulations to the winner Caroline Smith (‘The Taxidermist’s Only Son’) and everyone else in the Top Ten and honorable mention.  Thanks to the Molotov Cocktail for hosting these contests.  As previously mentioned, it’s a good way for writers to push and challenge themselves.  Even for those who didn’t win, hopefully, this can be another step up that writer’s ladder…

Click for link to ‘Black Stained Glass’


Also, for those who enjoyed ‘Black Stained Glass’ I have another flash fiction story that won a contest recently.  See the link for “Downward God“, a cosmic (yoga) horror story which won the weekly Month of Horror Flash Fiction contest at the Deadman’s Tome Zine.


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