6 Halloween Short Stories

Reblog from a Halloween short story list by Stick With the Indies.com. List includes my story “Harlequin Midnight” available free at Amazon/Smashwords…

Stick With The Indies

With five days to go until Halloween, there’s still plenty of time to read one or two of these compact tales.

Sweet Tooth by R. M. Huffman

A short urban fantasy. Physicians often spend nights awake, up at the hospital caring for patients.

On most occasions this doctor is no different, but on Halloween, his nocturnal activities take on a different hue…blood red.

Available on: Kindle

Death Is Becoming by Jamie Leigh Hansen

This Halloween, college girl, Erin Kowalkski, battles cancer once again. But this time, she has questions and she’s dying to know the answers. What will her dreams and aspirations, all she’s learned, felt and experienced, amount to when she’s gone? What will she become?

Guided by a hot new patient and chased by a menacing wraith, Erin learns more about life and death than she’d ever imagined.

Available on: Kindle

Jessica by Laura DeLuca

Wilbur was used…

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