Swan Song -Horror Flash Fiction Contest Entry, Grey Matter Press

My latest flash fiction story, Swan Song (available to view now, click for link), has been posted to the Grey Matter Press’s “I Can Taste the Blood” contest page.  Running through October 22, this contest revolves around the prompt of a piece of graffiti scrawled on a bathroom wall reading: I Can Taste the Blood.  Three winners selected will receive prizes and most importantly, to have their flash fiction stories published in the E-Book version.  The readers of the entries can vote for their favorite (use the Reply button immediately after the story).  These reader votes will factor into the eventual choice of the winners.  So for those who do read and like, please consider casting a vote!

The obvious angles to this prompt are cannibals, vampires, or some soylent green-ism.  My compulsion to always do something different- those are right out…  So this being a blood and guts/visceral horror collection, of course I settled on the motif of… a crossword puzzle.  Pretty smart way to ingratiate myself with the extreme horror crowd, huh?  Well, we’ll see…


The anthology itself is comprised of five novellas inspired by the title.  Those featured are rising horror authors Josh Malerman, John F.D. Taft, Eric T Johnson, J. Daniel Stone, and Joe Schwartz.  The printed version has been out for for a while and has some very good reviews.  See Amazon link here.  Grey Matter Press puts out a lot of quality releases and no doubt this is up to their high standard.



Thanks again to all who have or will vote for my story ( only if you like it of course, and I really appreciate those that take the time).  I can’t guarantee anything more than hopefully in casting this vote you will feel less regret than with the one in early November.

Click for link: I Can Taste the Blood Contest Entry – Swan Song




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S.E. Casey

S.E. Casey grew up near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his weird, existential tales. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his stories can be found at secaseyauthor.wordpress.com.

2 thoughts on “Swan Song -Horror Flash Fiction Contest Entry, Grey Matter Press”

  1. I liked your story, but, in the end, it struck me as a cannibal story, despite your protestations above. However, the crossword was a clever and disarming mechanism for getting to that point.

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    1. Okay, you got me. I could say that there wasn’t necessarily any ingesting of said blood- think what one does at a wine tasting. However, upon self-examination that would be giving the “yea, but I didn’t inhale” argument which has never worked even once, ever.
      Seriously though, thanks for the comment and taking the time to give it a read!

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