Last Meal of Adonis – short story up at the Deadman’s Tome



My latest short story, LAST MEAL OF ADONIS, has been posted to the Deadman’s Tome online magazine.  This is the third short story I have written around the concept of beauty.  I am happy to have this on Deadman’s Tome as it is a free-to-read site the same as the others in my beauty-horror troika, which are THE BEAUTY OF THE OUTGOING TIDE (Flash Fiction, and A BROKEN OATH (Spelk <click titles for links>.

‘Last Meal of Adonis’ concerns a vain, beauty obsessed protagonist who finds his equal.  It may seem a perfect marriage, but what happens when the scales are tipped, and something terrible happens to only one of the halves?

Beauty can act as a disguise for danger, that juicy lure of a fishhook.  It’s not difficult to recall numerous examples of bad decisions, relationships, choices due to the blind of beauty; as it is to question my current state of affairs.  What do we cherish based solely on outward appearance?  Is the bedrock we think we feel underfoot but a fancy design on a wet sheet of cardboard?  What hollow monuments do we worship because of our aesthetic bias—distracted from our downfall onto the deadly rocks below?

A note about the DEADMAN’S TOME: it is an ‘anything goes’ horror site that offers a ton of content.  As a platform for authors, one of its interesting facets is the compensation for contributors based on performance (page views, likes, comments).  As a site that offers free reads, the fact that it is a paying site is praiseworthy, and I do respect the merit based approach.  As an author, if my story doesn’t generate any traffic or interest in the site, I have no problem of not being paid.  It’s only fair, and it still allows the author the chance to connect with an audience (which is the most valuable thing for any new writer).  Of course, being a free site that does endeavor to pay writers, please consider supporting.  There is some merchandise available on site and some ebook anthologies that can be bought on Amazon.  Also, more importantly, there is a Patreon page set up for donations.  This is a great way to directly support independent authors.  I know of a few writers who the Deadman’s Tome was the first publication to publish their work, an important milestone for any author.  With the many, many stories they have published and the aggressive pay-for-view concept, it’s safe to assume everything donated will be going to a writer and not for anything else.  Considering the challenging economics every zine faces, this is definitely a “for-the-love-of-horror” undertaking by its creator -Mr. Deadman- that I am especially appreciative.  Please support!

-S.E. Casey




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